Attorney In Pursuit of Job Satisfaction In New York City

As a legal affairs executive, Robert* enjoyed working for a media powerhouse, yet was feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled on the job and in his personal life. 


*Due to strict client confidentiality, client's real name is not used

Robert's Journey

Why Coaching?

Strategic Focus



Why Coaching?

Robert desired increased career satisfaction and improved quality of life. 


Strategic Focus

  • Robert engaged in personal discovery work to increase self-awareness through defining life purpose, values derived from personal and professional experiences, and motivators.
  • Throughout the coaching process, Robert gained awareness of his self-limiting beliefs.



  • Increased confidence
  • Increased mindfulness of what 'success' is for him
  • Increased workplace engagement
  • Job promotion

If you are like Robert, now may be a good time to work with a coach.

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