First 90 Days: New Leader in New Company

As a financial executive, Felicia* was hired in a senior role for global healthcare consulting firm and wanted support in navigating her first 90-days in her new role overseeing a 45 person department. 


*Due to strict client confidentiality, client's real name is not used

Felicia's Journey

Why Coaching?

Strategic Focus



Why Coaching?

Felicia wanted to feel confident in her launch into a new leadership role at a new company.  We co-created a customized launch plan that provided her with clarity for how to proceed with navigating a new workplace filled with new relationships and processes 


Strategic Focus

  • Building her team 
  • Building trust with boss, colleagues and throughout company
  • negotiating plans and expectations



  • Increased confidence
  • Increased mindfulness of what 'success' is for her
  • development of new habits to support leadership skills and abilities

If you are like Felicia, now may be a good time to work with a coach.

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