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The U.S. estimated market value for the personal coaching industry is expected to reach $1.34B by 2022. Demand continues to grow as coaching provides a confidential space for clients to open pathways for change as they work to co-create a plan for moving forward.


Enroll in the Center for Coaching Certification's training program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF.) The first step for offering coaching services is to learn and understand coaching competencies which are introduced in the 30-hour Certified Professional Coach (CPC) class. 

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As an independent trainer, I contract with the Center for Coaching Certification to present several, live online classes each year. The format is convenient and allows you to actively participate from any location- - virtually!

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Enrollment in the Center for Coaching Certification's 30-hour Certified Professional Coach (CPC) training is very affordable at only $1,695. The Certified Master Coach (CMC) training is just $1,995.

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Investing in yourself to develop your coaching skills is a big step. I've been there. I'm happy to share my journey through those decision points if it helps you process what is best for you!


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