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Be A Professional Working With Purpose

podcast purpose Jun 02, 2020

Dealing with a world-wide pandemic affects everything. One of the few things we can control is who we are. We get to decide how we react and respond.

Many people are not sure if going back (whatever that means to you) is what they really want. Today’s podcast is for the people who want to proactively create a life, personal and professional, around their life’s purpose.


What is your life purpose?

2:29 Monique shares how she found herself at a fork in the road, at a most unexpected time. She was in corporate sales and her clients were financial firms. Then “Black Monday” hit and everything changed including her employment options.

6:59 Monique learned:

  • Unpredictable things are going to happen that you can’t plan for.
  • You can determine how you’ll respond.
  • It’s up to each of us to create opportunities where we are today, and where we’d like to be tomorrow.
  • Knowing and using your strengths are key to enjoying work and are likely...
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Emotional Wellness for High Achievers

Today’s replay with a purpose addresses emotional intelligence. Guest Dr. Samantha Madhosingh explains that it is the key to sustaining high achievement and personal fulfillment.

High achievers come with big ambitions and an intensity that helps them succeed. It’s one of the reasons they excel and are often seen as the super star leader or go-to member of the team.

That drive can also lead to higher levels of stress and the potential for burn out. It can show up as less-than their best at work and can even carry over to problems in relationships and life outside the office.

2:20  What is emotional wellness?

  • How you feel about yourself.
  • How you show up in the world.
  • Empathy and the ability understand all the ways you contribute, not just through work and achievement.

6:08  How do we cope?

We see high achievers use busy-ness with no time to “worry” about feelings. When stress becomes untenable, Dr. Samantha shares that everything from overwork, to...

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The One Skill Every First-Time Manager Needs to Know

The real just got real.


Time to celebrate! The position you’ve planned for and worked towards is yours. Knowing that others recognized your potential is rewarding and you’re ready to prove their confidence in you was justified.

Leading a team requires a variety of skills; none more important that being an effective coach. Yes, coaching. It will quickly set you apart from your peers and help you successfully lead others.

Coach Mo explains:

  • What is coaching in a management context?
  • The role of your employer regarding your leadership development.
  • Your personal responsibility to your professional pursuits.

Hear a real-life example of a leader allowing the team to search for and develop potential solutions to an unexpected problem. It’s not always about knowing what to do. Hint: It’s about knowing how to encourage others to identify solutions and take appropriate action.

What’s the difference between coaching, mentoring and consulting? Coach Mo...

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Fierce or Flake: What's Your Personal Brand?

personal branding podcast Apr 21, 2020

Today’s episode is a replay with a purpose. Jennifer Ransaw Smith and I talk about what it means to have a personal brand. Even better, you’ll learn why it’s important and how to build your own.


2:32 Why is a personal brand relevant in today’s business community?
Jennifer shares how connecting via social media has created the need for a strong personal brand. She also explains exactly what it is: your reputation, the mental real estate that you have in the mind of others. Find out how to be strategic in creating the way others perceive you.

5:19 How does knowing your personal brand make a difference in your professional success?
• You are recognized as a leader
• Positions you for new opportunities
• Your reputation helps you self-promote effectively
• People in your industry know who you are
• Media personnel that cover your industry know who you are
• Competitors know who you are

“You don’t want to be your...

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Networking to Build Your Career Insurance Plan

What is a career insurance plan?

In this episode, Coach Mo breaks down what it is, why you need it and how to create one that works for you. Building a network is a major component for a successful career.
2:40 Key benefits to having a network include:

  • Protection: when the unexpected happens
  • Peace of mind: knowing that circumstances won't define your choices
  • Investing in you: continually growing your value 

High achievers build and cultivate a network through out their career. Coach Mo explains why it’s essential, and how to build your own as a way to receive and give support to others.

7:15 Find out why structured and un-structured network-building are both important. You’ll find inspiration from the suggestions she shares.

You never know which conversation is going to open the door to your next career opportunity.” 
Sam Hines – executive recruiter

Coach Mo shares 2 examples of un-structured networking that opened the door to new...

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How to Manage Negative Self-Talk at Work

inner voice self talk Apr 06, 2020

We all have an inner voice. It can either be positive and supportive or negative and defeating. In this episode Coach Mo shares how to manage this inner dialogue successfully.

1:50 Are you aware of how many thoughts run though your mind each day?

Coach Mo explains the impact of all those thoughts. 80% tend to be negative. It doesn’t just affect your confidence it can impact you physically as well. That’s why is so important to learn how to manage your self-talk.

Coach Mo breaks down how this can show up in work situations. She also shares a strategy that her clients have used to combat defeating self-talk. Hear how this can help you better manage your team, work with your peers and improve your relationship with your boss.

6:00 Where does self-talk come from?

Why does it take up so much of our “head space”?

7:53 Find out how the absence of positive self-talk impacted one of Coach Mo’s clients. She shares how it derailed her initial efforts to move up...

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