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The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback at Work

There are many ways you may go about achieving success in your career. Obviously, getting the right degree or receiving the appropriate form of training will help, as will being a hard worker and having a positive attitude. However, don’t forget about the importance of feedback, because knowing how to give and receive it is how you, and those around you, can achieve the highest degree of success possible.

Receiving Positive Feedback Is Easy, but…

Everyone loves receiving positive feedback, especially at work, because it usually means it will come back to help you again down the road, perhaps with a raise or a promotion, and that people around you recognize your hard work.

When you receive positive feedback, you should feel free to enjoy it, because you earned it, after all. That doesn’t mean you should make a scene, of course, but allow yourself some time to really bask in the positive words you just heard about yourself.

At the same time, don’t let...

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6 Clues That You May Have Outgrown Your Current Job

When you have been at the same job for a while, and you feel like you have security in this role, the idea of moving on to new opportunities can be terrifying. It can also be the right move for your career.

There will likely come a time when change will be the best way for you to see the success that you want in your professional and personal life. We have compiled some warning signs that you can look for to know when it is time to quit your job and find new ways to achieve your goals.

  1. You’ve Climbed To the Top of the Ladder

You have to look at the bigger picture and toward the future. Where do you want to go in your career? If you have already reached the highest level of success that you can achieve with your current company, it may be time to move on to new challenges.

  1. There Is No Excitement Left 

It is not very likely that you are going to ever be completely thrilled to go to work every single day, but you should at least feel positive about your work. If you...

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