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6 Clues That You May Have Outgrown Your Current Job

When you have been at the same job for a while, and you feel like you have security in this role, the idea of moving on to new opportunities can be terrifying. It can also be the right move for your career.

There will likely come a time when change will be the best way for you to see the success that you want in your professional and personal life. We have compiled some warning signs that you can look for to know when it is time to quit your job and find new ways to achieve your goals.

  1. You’ve Climbed To the Top of the Ladder

You have to look at the bigger picture and toward the future. Where do you want to go in your career? If you have already reached the highest level of success that you can achieve with your current company, it may be time to move on to new challenges.

  1. There Is No Excitement Left 

It is not very likely that you are going to ever be completely thrilled to go to work every single day, but you should at least feel positive about your work. If you are feeling completely bored, uninspired and blah about what you’re doing, it is probably time to change and do something else. 

  1. You Feel Physically Drained

As explained by Fox Business, you might experience physical symptoms that show that you need to leave your current job and look for career opportunities elsewhere. A job that does not fulfill you and make you feel positive can instead make you feel stressed and depressed.

These emotional problems can manifest in physical symptoms. You might feel tired very frequently, or your body may feel tense or achy. If your job is taking a toll on you physically, this is a sign that it is time for a change. 

  1. The Student Has Become the Master

US News and World Report recommends that you reread your own job description. If you feel that you have completely mastered all of the roles and responsibilities, and there is nothing left for you to learn, and no new ways for you to achieve success, this is a sure sign that you may have outgrown your job. 

  1. You’re Not Getting Any Closer to Your Bigger Goals 

Even if you are consistently seeing results, and your performance is strong, if you have stopped advancing toward your larger career objectives, you need a change. This could mean leaving your current job, or it could mean seeking more of a leadership role with your current organization.

  1. You Feel Passionate About Something Else

If there is another job out there, or maybe a completely different career, which you truly feel passionate about, this may be a better future for you. You can see more success in your life if you find a way to use your strengths in a way that is fulfilling for you.


Monique Betty is an certified executive coach and Gallup Certified Strengths coach. Celebrating 10 years in service, she supports smart professionals who want to move their career forward.  Connect with Coach Monique on LinkedIn or visit her website  




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