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Consider this, if you are progressing on the typical timeline, by the time your 22 years old, you have officially launched your full-time career.

As you look ahead, you can expect to spend the next 40 years on your career journey. And in general, there is a significant possibility that you will have 10 different jobs during this time.

Whether prompted by some external factor that you have no control over or by a choice you make, how prepared are you to navigate this time of change?

What I have come to discover is that people generally hate the thought of looking for a job. 

It is uncomfortable. It’s filled with disappointment. It takes a great deal of time and you work in a ‘fog’ of not knowing when it all comes to an end by landing the next opportunity.

In today’s podcast, I am thrilled to speak with Kimberly Tilley who will introduce you to YouMap®.

YouMap® is a holistic, actionable, and intuitive career profile tool developed by Kristin Sherry who was recently awarded a 2020 Career Innovator Award by Career Directors International.

This resource is like a secret weapon in helping you to create the career you are meant to have.

Whether you are actively or passively looking to make a career change, YouMap® guides you through a personal discovery in 4 assessment areas; strengths, values, motivating skills and interests resulting in a 10-page personalized YouMap® career profile.

Highlight of our conversation

06:15    Q: How has career navigation evolved in the last 10 year?

A: From employers’ perspective, they need to compete for the very best people and so they are offering different benefits and more variety in terms of those benefits.

    From an employee perspective, I think that employees today are far more concerned about the whole package, social responsibility and do their values match up and aligned. And in terms of advancement, how aligned are they? How aligned is this particular role with their talents and interests.

09:59    Q: What are you hearing are the reasons why people want to make                             career changes?

      A: Sometimes people are bored at work and it’s usually that they are not using their talents, or they don’t have the opportunity to leverage them or that they haven’t sought out an opportunity maybe. And there are also values. If you have a value of respect or open communication, anything like that and it’s not being honored in your life that definitely promotes people looking around seeing if there might be something else that they want to do.

When you are spending so much time at work, for you to be bored and feeling like it’s a waste of time or not fulfilled, it’s a terrible thing for someone. And I think it wears them down and that’s why one of the main reasons why people start looking around for something else, you know?

13:17    Q: What methods do people frequently use to make this sort of a job                           change or career pivot?

  • Training
  • Different Certifications
  • Job Shadowing
  • Informational interviewing

And for instance, let’s say that you are an Operations Manager but you’re very interested in Marketing or Social Media, you know. Are there certain responsibilities that you could take on as a stretch assignment that would help you gain some experience there and make some connections there and then eventually lead to a new career.

15:46    Q: What are some obstacles that get in the way of someone successfully navigating a career change?

  • Waiting for the right time
  • Negativity – coming from inside you and coming externally
  • People who make assumptions, they aren’t able to progress

18:00    Q: Talk about YouMap® and how it works.

A: YouMap® was released in 2018. There’s a book and then there’s a whole coaching program that goes along with it. And it measures the 4 pillars of career satisfaction.

  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Skills
  • Style

Those 4 things fit together so well that it really does give somebody a complete picture of who they are and what they offer. Sometimes people are coming because they want to optimize, sometimes people are coming because they’re thinking about getting back into the workforce and we talk about their unique contribution statement.

23:10    Q: For someone who wants to self-navigate the YouMap® process they can get the book, which is available in three different formats – ebook, audiobook and hardcopy. Alternatively, if someone wants support by a certified YouMap coach, how do they connect with the right person?

    A: Go to, there’s a tab called “Find a Coach”. Also, Kirstin Sherry [founder of YouMap®] has a YouTube channel.

29:35    If you are someone who is waiting for the right time, you’re having those negative thoughts; this is an opportunity for you to engage with a resource to do something different tomorrow. YouMap® is an opportunity for you.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

I recognize that there are a wide range of options available to help you with career changing and job searching. I just want my listeners to be informed and empowered consumers. Job Changing is a fact of life and that process brings about significant challenges for people. So, I want you to know of this unique resource that is available for your consideration.

Coach Mo Knows (Tip, a coaching question and a bit of inspiration)


  1. Visit YouMap® main site: Here you will find the find-a-coach directory and grab a downloadable sample of a YouMap report
  2. Connect with Kimberly Tilley, a certified YouMap Coach:
  3. Visit the YouTube channel of Kristin Sherry (founder of YouMap):

Coaching Questions: 

  • When you find yourself leaping out of bed before the alarm clock goes off….what is the professional work that you will be doing on that day?
  • What will you make happen today in order to create that for yourself?


The secret to achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in your mind      ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Thank you for listening!

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