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Clarity of the Disparity: Pathway for Closing the Gender Gap

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The year is 2277 and women have finally achieved pay equality.

Startling fact? Absolutely.

In fact, I would say that it is a stunning fact recognizing that in the last year, we have actually increased what was reported in the Global Gender Gap report of 2019. The year 2277 is actually 55 more years than estimated in the previous report.

As a high achiever in pursuit of fulfilling your executive ambitions, this topic deserves your unwavering attention for 3 reasons:     

  1. ) be an informed voter 
  2. ) be an informed and engaged employee
  3. ) continuously develop your negotiation talents 

In today’s podcast episode Clarity of the Disparity: Pathway for Closing the Gender Gap, I am speaking with Jacqueline Twillie, President at ZeroGap. She shares her perspective on the signs of hope that the wage gap is closing and identifies entities that are modeling the way for positive change, and she speaks to steps individuals can take that will make a difference.

03:46     Q: What is the current reality of a salary gap between men and women?

A:   The wage gap hasn’t moved much in 50 years since the Equal Pay Legislation was signed by JFK. Notably, we see the big branded Equal Pay day in April that’s somewhere around $0.70 on a $1 is what women earn.  I do feel hopeful because there is resurgence in the awareness of this wage gap which means we have a great opportunity to close it.

04:46    Q: What’s contributed to that resurgence of awareness?

A:   The Obama Administration. They had a committee that would stand up for women and girls and they did a lot of work reaching out to corporations asking them for a commitment to close the gap.

05:41    Q: Additional trends possibly that are contributing to this gap being closed?


  • Some States have made it illegal to request an applicant to share their salary history.
  • Another factor is increased awareness of negotiation skills.
  • Access to child care also as a contributing factor
  • Flexible work schedules

17:36    Q: What, from your vantage point are the significant barriers to individuals to make progress for themselves in this area?

A:   One of those barriers is related to the mindset of earning. Just the attitude of being so grateful and not fully recognizing the value that you bring to that organization.

23:12    Q: What resources and tools have you created to support women in strengthening their negotiation skills?


  • Negotiation workshops
  • Working with women 1 on 1
  • Started developing a framework to negotiate so I’ve created a lot of videos on YouTube
  • I’ve created Podcast episodes
  • I’ve written two books specifically on the topic of negotiation – one book and one workbook

23:44    Q: To really get the clients thinking at a very conscious level about their showing up and what make a successful negotiation?

A:   When you think about that Imposter Syndrome that creeps up, I had that Imposter syndrome for a short period of time before I really dug into writing this book. And it goes to show that we’ve got to really push through those moments especially as women leaders and really have that confidence in work to say “I have something of value and I am going to share that with the world.” 

Negotiation is a conversation. It’s not a battle. Barbara Stanny, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.


Coach MO Knows (a tip, coaching question and bit of inspiration)


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Coaching Question:

Consider first, your beliefs about money.

In :30 seconds capture your beliefs about money. Push pause to capture at least 3 beliefs about money. [Hit the pause button on this podcast while you complete this exercise, set your timer, and GO]

How does this belief support you in strengthening your ability to negotiate your compensation package with your employer?


“If you don't ask for it, someone else will “ ~Coach Mo

“ Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” John F. Kennedy


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