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Diversity: Community and You

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Today’s podcast is about the community and you.

As we have witnessed in recent weeks, people taking to the streets and amplifying calls for policy reform is just one example of how this generation of young people insist that change happens.

When deciding what company to work for, you place a premium on their social responsibility and expect that their values will be in alignment with your values.

In today’s podcast I interview Dwayne Bryant, CEO and Founder of Inner Vision International Inc. Recognized as an EBONY Power 100 2018 Honoree, Dwayne is a dynamic motivational speaker who is committed to empowering individuals to recognize their value as societal contributors and global citizens.

As you will hear, I outline the four benefits you achieve personally and professionally by being engaged in your local community.

Highlights of our conversation

 8:30     Q: In light of today's environment is so timely. Talk about what was the nugget of the idea that prompted you to create The STOP?

A: You need to know how to use your power; he has power over his words, his tone, and his body language.


17:17   Q: Dwayne, what are your thoughts on the value of young professionals investing time and energy in the community?

A: I honestly believe corporations consume so much of your time that if you are not connected      to the community, you only see yourself as a corporate... I don't want to say a robot but as a corporate employee. 

So part of our purpose in life is to make things better, to make our families, to make our communities better. And the best way to do that is to serve and how you serve on your off time, whether it's speaking in a school, whether it's sharing the knowledge that you're getting, whether you're starting a small mentoring program for a small group of students, something that will enable you to store up your passion. And that will make you do better on the job as well, I believe.


19:15   Q: Many young professionals come to recognize that they've allowed their corporate life to define them like they have no other aspects to their life. 

A: I think one beautiful thing about being involved in the community; it keeps you connected to your soul.


 20:16   Q: How does that [community involvement] benefit someone inside of the organization?

A: In my experience, the community benefited, I benefited, Johnson & Johnson benefited. It was a triple win, no-lose situation.


 25:36   Q: Where was your vision when you set out and what tips do you have  for someone who is looking to create or build something on the side?

A: Your heart is where your treasure is. And treasure is not a paycheck. It is fulfillment. The message he received from God was "I want you with the young people."

Before deciding to become an entrepreneur (without a plan) if  people haven't discovered their purpose, I say, stay on that job because leaving a good-paying quality job to say, "I'm going to try to figure it out," it makes no sense. You're more intelligent than that.

“Have a plan if you're going to pivot. Know what it is that you want to do and start doing it while you're on the job to see if you really are passionate about it, if you really are committed to that thing.”


Segment: Ask Coach Mo (A tip, coaching question and a bit of inspiration)

 Tip: Websites for volunteer opportunities (including in your local area)


  1. Find a volunteer opportunity in your community
  1. Connect with today’s guest Dwayne Bryant at
  2. Reach out to Dwayne if you want to explore ways that he can inspire and motivate youth in your area. He has some terrific virtual resources in development so get on the list to be one of the first to know when these become available.

Coaching Question: What will you commit to doing toward community involvement in the next week? Please send me an email at [email protected], I’d love to hear of your plans.

 Inspiration: DalaiLama  “The sole source of peace in families, countries and the world is altruism - - love and compassion.”


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