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Fierce or Flake: What's Your Personal Brand?

Today’s episode is a replay with a purpose. Jennifer Ransaw Smith and I talk about what it means to have a personal brand. Even better, you’ll learn why it’s important and how to build your own.


2:32 Why is a personal brand relevant in today’s business community?
Jennifer shares how connecting via social media has created the need for a strong personal brand. She also explains exactly what it is: your reputation, the mental real estate that you have in the mind of others. Find out how to be strategic in creating the way others perceive you.

5:19 How does knowing your personal brand make a difference in your professional success?
• You are recognized as a leader
• Positions you for new opportunities
• Your reputation helps you self-promote effectively
• People in your industry know who you are
• Media personnel that cover your industry know who you are
• Competitors know who you are

“You don’t want to be your industry’s best kept secret.”

8:22 Manage how people view you by managing your reputation.
This isn’t a one and done process. It’s about small, everyday steps. One of the best ways is to begin building your personal network. Jennifer shares a powerful story that will inspire you to look at your circle of influence in a new way.

13:09 Can you quantify the value of personal branding?
Jennifer’s info is eye-opening. Find out how to open doors to opportunity. It’s about being strategic, and it starts by making the decision to not be a secret!

14:50 What’s the first step? How can listeners start building their brand?
• Step one: Mindset; how you think is often what is holding you back
• Step two: See yourself as a game-changer in your industry
• Step three: Know your value
• Step four: Contribute to publications

21:48 How do you know when your brand isn’t working for you?
Jennifer breaks down some of the things you’ll experience when people don’t see your strengths or understand your contributions. Have you ever seen someone else in your company or industry get a big promotion or award and you know deep down your work is better? Wonder when is it going to be your turn?

23:05 For someone looking to achieve clarity around their brand, what options are available to them?
• Have your own personal focus group; get honest feedback
• Utilize Kolbe and other assessments for clarity
• Understand how cultural differences impact how you are seen
• Commit to arming yourself with the resources you need
• Find out how to have personal ambassadors advocating for you

28:21 Coach Mo Knows
1. The Coaching Question: What one recent event, conversation or activity spoke volumes about your personal brand? What will you do to create more (or less) of that experience?

2. Tip: Connect with Jennifer

3. Spark of Inspiration: If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Robert Kiyosaki

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