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Hi, my name is Monique Betty, affectionately known as ‘coach Mo” and

welcome to ‘Tuesdays with Coach Mo.’ Today on our show, I am talking about using your strengths in your pursuit of fulfilling your executive ambitions. You have worked hard to land that 6-figure job and I challenge you to consider, how well do you know AND apply your strengths at work? 

01:13    When talking about strengths I’m talking about the unique natural talents within you that shape your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior that when perfected result in a consistent level of near perfect performance.

You see you may be quick to identify your strengths; for example, leading a team to achieve their goals, or strategic planning, or a skillful negotiator - - and that’s great, and they are highly visible to others and they look fantastic on a resume.

Yet, the strengths I’m talking about today, are those natural talents within your unique DNA, that are deep inside of you, that contribute to your success for how you lead teams, or how you go about strategic planning or, how you skillfully negotiate.

02:17     In my chapter, Coach with a Strengths Based Approach, in the recently released Coaching Perspectives-9 by the Center for Coaching Certification I write about how leaders with different dominant talent profiles successfully lead their respective teams while using the strengths that are unique to them.

Now, regular listeners of the Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast have heard me share my version of a Career Insurance Plan. And, if this is your first time here…..welcome! and jot this down.  If you want long-term professional satisfaction, then you need a level of preparedness to help you successfully weather life’s unexpected changes, by creating a Career Insurance Plan built on 3 dimensions (like a 3-legged stool)  a strong network, high degree of self-awareness and a stellar financial plan. Your Career Insurance Plan will provide you a degree of calm and confidence when things don’t go as planned.

And, today’s topic on strengths is, in my opinion, at the core of self-awareness.

04:38     When a high-achieving professional is aware of their natural talent and strengths and knows how to apply them in an effective way, then they are more likely to lead from a place of confidence that ignites their performance and productivity at work.

Throughout my decade of work as a coach, I’ve enjoyed connecting with high-achievers and leaders who all have something in common. And that something is that they know how good they are yet the challenge they all have in common is the pursuit of becoming as good as they want to be.

05:30     Almost everyone, including me and probably you, sure know how to ‘muck’ things up for ourselves! 

Here are some of the questions I often hear:

  • How did I get in this situation?
  • How do I get out of this situation?
  • How will I move forward?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • Where do I begin? 
  • How do I start to make changes?

Then, in short order comes the point where the muck gets unleashed. The stories we tell ourselves about what didn’t happen, who didn’t do something, why they can’t do something? And on and on with negative self-talk that kicks muck into overdrive. 

08:04     So, where do you begin? How do you get started on becoming as good as you want to be?

Well, one option is to stay the course. If you have a plan that is working for you then great. If not, then I hope that you are prepared to receive whatever comes your way by some force outside of you.

You see, all too often we are benchmarking ourselves against others. Maybe it’s a childhood friend, or a family member or a friend from college or even a co-worker.

We’re taking a snapshot, a fraction, of someone else’s life and thinking ‘that should be what’s happening for me’ or, in some way feeling lessor about ourselves because whatever they have going on is not happening for you. And then we proceed to tell ourselves stories in a way that limits us.

So, the opportunity for each of us – when muck arrives in our head, is to shift perspective to what we know to be true about our own greatness – our unique way of thinking, feeling and behaving in the world – in other words shift perspective to your strengths.

And, whatever is happening in the world outside of you, is going to happen. There is limited control you have over these things. 

09:58    However, what you do have control over is what is going on inside of you. You see, just like your heart beats, and the oxygen passes through your lungs - - you don’t notice it. You just know that it is there. The same is true for the natural talents and behaviors that uniquely define you. They are there. Ever present and guiding each decision, no matter how large or small in every minute of your life. And, most people don’t notice these talents for what they are --  possibly you’re strengths.

You see, the reason I say ‘possibly’ is because that although the natural talents are within you, there is the possibility that they are not being applied in a manner that supports you as a strength. And, that is okay. Because what that means is that once you gain clarity on what those talents are, you can then consciously develop them over time to serve as  - - a strength.

Now, this knowledge base around natural talents and strengths is presented through the extensive work of researchers at Gallup and is available to you in an online assessment called CliftonStrengths

With these client stories, I hope you are inspired to gain clarity and dig deeper with the discovery of your natural talents of thoughts, feeling and behaviors. Go to and purchase a code to access the online assessment. I’ll include information for this assessment in the ShowNotes for today’ episode.

Don’t let the muck get you stuck! Use your strengths as a place to center yourself in good times as well as not-so-good times. After you complete the assessment, you will receive a report with insights to your dominant talents which will be valuable for you when you want to remind yourself of what makes you great, or discover how your talents may be the very thing that is getting in your way, or if you want to create a plan that is just right for you.

In the shownotes for today’s episode, I will provide a link to a special coaching package I offer to support you in understanding your strengths. Or, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll also find in the ShowNotes a link to Gallup provides a wealth of content to support you in understanding and applying your talents in a productive way. 

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My Coaching Packages:

Coaching Question

What talents do you possess that have yet to be developed into a Strength?


"Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths."


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