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How High Achievers Create a Career Advantage-Part 1

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Welcome to today's episode of Tuesdays with Coach Mo where this month, I'm sharing insight and perspective on what you can do as a high achiever to create a career advantage.

This is the first of a two-part series on how high Achievers create a career advantage. In part 1,  we focus on being a high-achiever and in part 2, the focus is on what high achievers do in their on-the-job performance.

Now, I want to take a moment an offer insight as to why I am using the term career advantage. ‘Advantage is defined as a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position. What I want for you is consideration of your long-range professional journey.

Within that journey, there will be instances of advancing your career, through a promotion for example, however, uncertainty happens when you least expect it whether in your personal or professional life and by being deliberate and thoughtful about who you are becoming as a leader and how you are developing your leadership competencies, you are preparing yourself to smooth out the sharp edges that may arise throughout your journey so that you are a more fulfilled and satisfied high achiever.

In this 2-part podcast series, I am referring to an ebook and the eCourse I created called 7 Guiding Principles to Achieve a Career Advantage.

Today, I am discussing 4 of the 7 Guiding Principles that are most closely related to your being a high-achiever. They are:

  • Be an equal opportunity Giver of kindness
  • The Inner Circle
  • Speak up
  • You are responsible for your career period
  • Influencing
  • Remain a student
  • Know your life purpose and live it

To support you in the process of discovering your life purpose, I have included several of the thought-provoking questions in my ebook of 7 Guiding Principles to Achieve a Career Advantage.

Be certain to catch part-2 of this two part series of How High Achievers Create a Career Advantage.


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Coaching Question:

What steps will you take today toward creating your career advantage?



Purpose is the conscious choice of what, where, and how to make a positive contribution to our world.  It is the theme, quality or passion we choose to center our lives around.  ~Richard Lieder, The Power of Purpose


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