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Making A Psychic Connection To Help You Live A Life By Your Design

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Hi my name is Monique Betty, affectionately known as Coach Mo and welcome to Tuesdays with Coach Mo.

I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season as it will forever be in our collective memories that the 2020 holiday season was like none other.

As we now enter the final days of 2020 and what for so many has been a most difficult year, I’ve reached into my archives of interviews I’ve done over the years and selected my interview with Psychic Medium Tony Morris.

Now you may be wondering why, as a business professional who usually covers topics related to the pursuit of executive ambitions, I am talking about the powers of psychic intuition. It’s pretty simple, I believe that life presents us with the unexpected and the unknown, just like what 2020 has taught us, and there’s no one right-way for how you create your best life and achieve the success and happiness you desire.

 I met Tony years ago as we were colleagues at The Coca-Cola Company. I couldn’t help but think what a pivot his current work as a psychic medium is compared to what he was doing back in the day as a Communications expert. And I found it so interesting how he has supported many individuals in living their life by their design using psychic intuitive insight.

06:40 Q:    What is Psychic Spiritual consultation all about and how does it help today's professional?

A. What I really provide is in sight spiritual insights on all aspects of life, anything that is all about living life by your design. one of the first things that I do whenever I meditate prior to a session and during the conversations itself when I received these Insight,  I call my third eye or sometimes I will hear messages or feel messages.  I receive it from all angles.

09:42 Q:    What is your source of framing your thought process? Is it energy that individuals get give off and how do you prepare for the sessions with these individuals?

A. It definitely energy and intent once a person has a thought if it's just a one-time thing and that's all that that's all it is. what I really do like to do prior to a session one hour session is I meditate prior to receive any kind of spiritual insights that will help facilitate the conversation some people call them readings when we actually get started with the actual conversation. once they've established or they've given themselves permission to truly acknowledge it and own it to your words, then it's then the next phase is helping them to identify signs and messages that the Universe places in front of them that were urged them along or we'll help move this along. if you have a thought or if you have an intention of wanting to pursue something in your career the universe if you pay attention will place these signs or these messages in your path but it's up to you to make the appropriate decision right now.

12:54 Q:    Are people providing you any preliminary information before you actually connect with them and session?

A: No, okay, because what I don't want to do is I don't want to have any kind of preconceived. I also ask that my clients not tell me.

13:37 Q:    Next question here is what some of the misconceptions about psychic medium are?

A: We all don't wear turbans and use a floating crystal ball. I'm telling you insights about opportunities that are coming your way ultimately You as the client have the power to make the choices to move it along are not you know, it's not just because Tony said so that it's going to happen. You actually have to be the one to make the choice to make the decision to move things along to take ownership of it.

17:21 Q:    One of the things I noticed on your website, which was Tony - is that you speak on this topic of the art of positive thought and I wanted to know if you could kind of shed some light on that.

A: the big difference in the workshop that I do is I incorporate exercises and they're very interactive type exercises where people can tap into their own psychic intuition and Learn how to work with it and you know without telling everything that we do. It's really about helping us really pay attention to those signs and those messages that the universe places before us that kind of encourages us to pursue those career dreams or those career ambitions.

20:46 Q:    What tends to be the range of outcomes from someone taking part in that type of a workshop?

A: Well, not to tout my business, but I end up getting a lot of one-on-one consultations from the workshops because people I guess they can kind of they walk out of their workshop at least feeling more empowered

25:34 Q:    That is a gift?

A: I'd like to say that we all have gifts and it's always kind of our choice as to what we do with them and how we develop them. And how we can share that with other people.

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