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Be A Professional Working With Purpose

Dealing with a world-wide pandemic affects everything. One of the few things we can control is who we are. We get to decide how we react and respond.

Many people are not sure if going back (whatever that means to you) is what they really want. Today’s podcast is for the people who want to proactively create a life, personal and professional, around their life’s purpose.


What is your life purpose?

2:29 Monique shares how she found herself at a fork in the road, at a most unexpected time. She was in corporate sales and her clients were financial firms. Then “Black Monday” hit and everything changed including her employment options.

6:59 Monique learned:

  • Unpredictable things are going to happen that you can’t plan for.
  • You can determine how you’ll respond.
  • It’s up to each of us to create opportunities where we are today, and where we’d like to be tomorrow.
  • Knowing and using your strengths are key to enjoying work and are likely strongly related to your purpose.

10:17 What’s your dream job? What would it be like to wake up ready to get to work, knowing you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose? We have the power of choice. We use a variety of metrics to help us make big life decisions. What if your life’s purpose was part of that?

12:44 Create your life’s purpose statement. There are 2 key elements. How you define those will contribute to your work, and other things you choose to do in life. Find out how to recognize what they are and how they can impact your choices.

17:08 “People experience their career in one of three ways.”  This is from the book Happier by author Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD. He references research conducted by Dr. Ann Wrzesniewski an organizational psychologist.

  1. A job
  2. A career
  3. A calling

22:42 How can you find your life’s purpose? Coach Mo outlines 3 effective methods that will help you do this work. She’s developed several key questions when working her 1:1 clients. You can hear them and use them in your quest for answers. 

25:45 Coach Mo Knows

Tip: Learn from your journey. Write out instances in your life when you were at a fork in the road, how did you benefit as a result of the choice that you made?

Question: Look at present day ‘cues’ What is happening in your life today that you want more of in your life. What causes, situations, places or people are you drawn to>

Inspiration: Rest in reason; move in passion –Kahlil Gibran 


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