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Re-Thinkers: Millennials at Work

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Welcome to Tuesdays with Coach Mo and we're in for another rich-information podcast episode.

In my years of coaching clients from different generations, it dawned on me that everyone had their own perspective and outlook in working professionally.

While Millennial's have their own "new ways" of expressing themselves at work, a different generation, for example, a Boomer has their own way of doing things- - the old way.

For this reason, I am excited to have on today's show, Ashley Williams, Founder and CEO of Rizzarr, a tech-enabled marketplace. Ashley is a leading Millennial and Gen Z content marketing strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and global speaker for brands that want to reach younger generations. Before becoming an entrepreneur Ashley was an award-winning journalist who worked for NBC News, WBAL Radio, and USA Today.

In our conversation, you'll hear her responding to my question about what she is hearing in the work world as it relates to intergenerational collaboration.

Highlights of our conversation:

  1.  Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and face your challenges head-on versus trying to push your thoughts and emotions aside which results in you keeping yourself from experiencing your truth
  2.  Be clear with yourself, and your leaders at work, about what 'being fulfilled' means for you in order to be authentic, and have the impact on the world that you want to have.
  3. Remember that you are not running a sprint but a marathon. Your journey will be filled with highs and lows, and that you have the power to move forward 

Coach Mo Knows (A Tip, A Coaching Question and A Bit of Inspiration) 


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Coaching Question:

What response do you have when a colleague makes an off-handed comment about people of your generation?


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

~ Leo Tolstoy


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