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Uncertainty: Charting Your Path to a New Normal

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The parallel existence of two pandemics, one health and one racism, have shifted us into a state of disruption to what was once certain in our everyday life. 

 While in this disruptive state, many of us are searching for answers. Because somehow, someway having answers, whether good or bad, tends to reduce the anxiousness we feel when facing ambiguity.   

In today's podcast Uncertainty: Charting your Path to a New Normal, I am joined by Ampersand CEO and founder, my friend Holly O'Driscoll, who’s firm is a design thinking and human centered innovation strategy consultancy. 

Holly’s work focuses on how groups and teams maximize the diversity of their human capital and unleash the conditions for deriving solutions to complex problems for purposes of achieving business success. 

Navigating uncertainty is an important element of that process.


  • 4:50 The value of getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • 5:28 Why this time of uncertainty is an opportunity for transformational growth as leaders and as collaborators.
  • 6:03 Discuss the significance of building self-awareness. What am I feeling? What am I thinking about in this moment? How am I showing up? What are those stories I am telling myself?
  • 7:29 Holly shares an empathy map, a resource for gaining self-awareness
  • 8:30 Holly discusses an exercise she uses with groups, Framing the Gap
  • 9:50 At a broad level, Holly examines ambiguity and the ways we contribute to making it bigger or make it better.
  • 15:00 She references the work of Bob Johansen, Institute for the future in Palo Alto and his perspective of how the future is going to reward clarity and punish certainty 
  • 17:14 Learn how a future back mentality is helping teams in organizations map a path forward. 
  • 18:38 A powerful technique is doing one thing each day in service of moving through ambiguous times

 Coach Mo Knows (Tip, Coaching Question and Inspiration):

TIP:  grab the resources Holly has shared to support you in gaining increased self-awareness during these uncertain times. A link to her resource is available in the show notes. And be certain to follow or connect with Holly on LinkedIn

Coaching Question:  Let me serve as an accountability partner for you. After you complete the self-awareness exercise that Holly has provided, share a copy of your completed worksheet with me ([email protected]) and I’ll arrange a convenient time for us to talk and discuss a framework for you  to get you from where you are today to where you want to be

Inspiration: Inspiration comes from Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection.  'That silence thing can be effective. It's a pain in the ass, but none the less - -it’s effective." 






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