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Job Search: It’s Not an Event, It’s a Lifestyle

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 Welcome listeners to today's Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast. I am executive Coach Monique Betty affectionately known as Coach Mo.

 Having supported a significant number of high achievers along their career journey, one thing I know is true is "a career journey should not be traveled alone.

“Thank you for helping me take my job search to the next level!”

This is a direct quote from a satisfied client. After completing my job search marketing plan, this client landed a leadership position in a giant tech firm located on the East Coast.

Whether you are currently in the midst of a job search or thinking about the process for a future move, then you are at the right place for gaining perspective from a resource you want to keep on your radar.

I am talking today with career writer and...

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Being Stuck or Achieving Breakthrough: The Choice Is Yours

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Hi! I am Executive Coach Monique Betty; affectionately known as Coach Mo and welcome to the Tuesdays with Coach Mo Podcast.

I imagine you show up here to grab tips, perspective, and information to help you on your professional pathway and for that, I say thank you! I may not have had an opportunity to meet you in person, I'm humbled that you have chosen to stop here and possibly pick up some coaching nuggets you can use.

Something I say loud and often is a career path is not meant to be traveled alone. When faced with a difficult situation at work, where emotions of fear or flight start to hijack your life, you're feeling anxious, or losing sleep or just being grumpy and the unending thoughts of is it them? Or is it me? Do I stay? Do I go? If not this job? Then what job? A Mentor, a Coach, or a Sponsor is invaluable.

So, in...

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