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Resumes: The Make, The Method and The Madness

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Well, hello there! It's Executive Coach Monique Betty, affectionately known as Coach Mo. Welcome to today's podcast of Tuesdays with Coach Mo.

This month of May is all about helping you get to your next career opportunity. In the last episode, I was joined by Mark Anthony Dyson who was dropping expert knowledge for the current or soon-to-be job seekers in the audience. 

According to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison, in his book Lose the Resume Land the Job he says the resume is only 10% of why a company hires you.

In general, when someone is updating their resume, it usually signals that you either have to or want to find a new job - - and that's just straight-up hard work writing about yourself. What I have witnessed in supporting clients who are making career transitions is that way too many people spend way too much...

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Career Confidential: A Secret Weapon in Creating the Career You are Meant to Have

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Consider this, if you are progressing on the typical timeline, by the time your 22 years old, you have officially launched your full-time career.

As you look ahead, you can expect to spend the next 40 years on your career journey. And in general, there is a significant possibility that you will have 10 different jobs during this time.

Whether prompted by some external factor that you have no control over or by a choice you make, how prepared are you to navigate this time of change?

What I have come to discover is that people generally hate the thought of looking for a job. 

It is uncomfortable. It’s filled with disappointment. It takes a great deal of time and you work in a ‘fog’ of not knowing when it all comes to an end by landing the next opportunity.

In today’s podcast, I am thrilled to speak with Kimberly...

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