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The One Skill Every First-Time Manager Needs to Know

The real just got real.


Time to celebrate! The position you’ve planned for and worked towards is yours. Knowing that others recognized your potential is rewarding and you’re ready to prove their confidence in you was justified.

Leading a team requires a variety of skills; none more important that being an effective coach. Yes, coaching. It will quickly set you apart from your peers and help you successfully lead others.

Coach Mo explains:

  • What is coaching in a management context?
  • The role of your employer regarding your leadership development.
  • Your personal responsibility to your professional pursuits.

Hear a real-life example of a leader allowing the team to search for and develop potential solutions to an unexpected problem. It’s not always about knowing what to do. Hint: It’s about knowing how to encourage others to identify solutions and take appropriate action.

What’s the difference between coaching, mentoring and consulting? Coach Mo...

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