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Style and Presence with Renee Lindo


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Would it surprise or shock you to know that your colleagues size up your competence, likeability, and trustworthiness in 250 milliseconds based simply on your appearance?

So, what does that mean for you, the high achiever with executive ambitions, it means that your style and presence matter. It matters for your climb up the ladder as you advance your career, and this is what we are talking about in today’s Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast.

One way to achieve the style you desire is to work with a personal stylist and today I introduce you to Renée Lindo, personal and brand stylist, and owner of Let's Get Dressed.

Get to know more about Renee Lindo and the common missteps professionals make about their style in the workplace. She also discusses how you control the narrative of how you want people to receive you, and her...

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Pain to Progress: How High Achievers Recover from Making Mistakes at Work

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Welcome listeners to today's episode of Tuesdays with Coach Mo

With what's happening in the world around us, it got me thinking about how you, the high achiever with Executive ambitions, with leadership strengths, with access to resources, specialized intelligence, handled multimillion-dollar deals, and are recognized as a star performer realized that you have made a mistake. How do you cope up? How exactly goes through your mind and what do you have to do to assess the situation and make sure that you will become a better version of yourself. Besides, we are all human and it's part of human life experience. 


The thing about mistakes is:


1) they can happen to anyone at any time (nanosecond or cultivated over days, months, or years),

2) they can be external and due to some unforeseen event or they can be...

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Got Swagger: How To Be Bold In Your Pursuit of Career Success


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Welcome to Sunny South Florida!

It was so good to be back from summer break. I used to plan a grand summer vacation but this year, I have decided to lay low and took cautious measures to make sure I'm virus-free before visiting my parents. I hope you had a lovely time this summer although it's different from what we have gotten used to for a very long time.

To get started with another season of information-rich podcast episodes, I have invited Rodney Jones, author of Corporate Swagger: The Secret to Winning the Corporate Game as our first guest for Season 3 of Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast.

In my time with Rodney, we discussed some of the unwritten rules for advancing your career up the corporate ladder. He shared what he now knows about what it takes to win at the game, his experiences, and those of the professionals whom he...

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Being of Leadership

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 In my many years serving as an Executive Coach, there is a tremendous joy I experience in witnessing my client achieve the success they desire all while overcoming the obstacles, roadblocks, and potential detours along the way.

Many of my clients arrive in coaching with some degree of expectation that there is a problem with them, that they aren't good enough or they in some way lack the skills, talents, and ability to succeed in their leadership role.  

In fact, I have found the opposite to be true! Most clients are well-equipped for what they do as a leader with managerial responsibilities, what I continue to observe is the untapped opportunity for connecting with who they are as a leader.  And, with a well-developed sense of who they are as a leader, I wonder what impact that will have on their...

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How to Be Your Best Self During Difficult Conversations


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"You have one mouth and two ears, use them proportionately." 

I love this saying by Judge Judy. It is a quick reminder to ourselves that, yes, we are equipped to ‘listen’.

What I have discovered as an executive coach to high-achievers, is that by effectively listening to others especially during contentious conversations, you can connect with the other person in a meaningful way, stick to the facts and avoid getting dragged into the triggering emotions of a difficult conversation.

I get it, it’s easy in concept yet difficult in execution, but one thing you’ll come to discover over time, is that it takes practice!

Whether it is the presidential election, a contentious conversation with your boss, colleague, parent, friend, significant other, your ability to gain self-mastery of navigating difficult conversations is an...

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