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Pain to Progress: How High Achievers Recover from Making Mistakes at Work

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Welcome listeners to today's episode of Tuesdays with Coach Mo

With what's happening in the world around us, it got me thinking about how you, the high achiever with Executive ambitions, with leadership strengths, with access to resources, specialized intelligence, handled multimillion-dollar deals, and are recognized as a star performer realized that you have made a mistake. How do you cope up? How exactly goes through your mind and what do you have to do to assess the situation and make sure that you will become a better version of yourself. Besides, we are all human and it's part of human life experience. 


The thing about mistakes is:


1) they can happen to anyone at any time (nanosecond or cultivated over days, months, or years),

2) they can be external and due to some unforeseen event or they can be...

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Got Swagger: How To Be Bold In Your Pursuit of Career Success


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Welcome to Sunny South Florida!

It was so good to be back from summer break. I used to plan a grand summer vacation but this year, I have decided to lay low and took cautious measures to make sure I'm virus-free before visiting my parents. I hope you had a lovely time this summer although it's different from what we have gotten used to for a very long time.

To get started with another season of information-rich podcast episodes, I have invited Rodney Jones, author of Corporate Swagger: The Secret to Winning the Corporate Game as our first guest for Season 3 of Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast.

In my time with Rodney, we discussed some of the unwritten rules for advancing your career up the corporate ladder. He shared what he now knows about what it takes to win at the game, his experiences, and those of the professionals whom he...

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Season 2 Recap and Finale


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As Season 2 of the Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast draws to a close with this episode, I just want to take a moment and do a quick recap of this seasons fantastic guests and the insights, expertise and perspective they shared.

In case you missed an episode, be sure to check your podcast library and make time to listen. Or if you want me to send you a link to the shownotes for a particular episode, just DM me on Instagram at Tuesdays With Coach Mo.

 Throughout the season, guests shared their expertise and perspectives as it related to one of three primary areas; 1) managing yourself 2) managing or leading others or 3)  successfully navigating a job search.

Managing Yourself

  • Beyond Barriers: When Your Success Depends on Getting Out Of Your Own Way  Guest: Bryan Falchuk
  • Declutter: An Approach to Shift from Chaos to...
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Re-Thinkers: Millennials at Work

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Welcome to Tuesdays with Coach Mo and we're in for another rich-information podcast episode.

In my years of coaching clients from different generations, it dawned on me that everyone had their own perspective and outlook in working professionally.

While Millennial's have their own "new ways" of expressing themselves at work, a different generation, for example, a Boomer has their own way of doing things- - the old way.

For this reason, I am excited to have on today's show, Ashley Williams, Founder and CEO of Rizzarr, a tech-enabled marketplace. Ashley is a leading Millennial and Gen Z content marketing strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and global speaker for brands that want to reach younger generations. Before becoming an entrepreneur Ashley was an award-winning journalist who worked for NBC News, WBAL Radio, and USA Today.


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Making the Pivot: Corporate Career to Triggering Social Change


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Welcome to the Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast. Thank you for joining me for another information-rich episode. As you know, this podcast is dedicated to helping high-achievers succeed at work.

In today's episode I am speaking with Priya Shah, Founder & Executive Director of The Simple Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to triggering social change. Priya made the decision to pivot her career in a bold way by leaving a corporate career and starting a non-profit as she pursued her purpose.

I'd love to know what comes to your mind when you read about purpose-driven work? Is this part of your career planning? Or are you stuck and still don't know why you're on this path?

Before we enter the interview, a few things that we know to be true about high-achieving Millennials in the workplace, who, according to the US Bureau of...

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Resumes: The Make, The Method and The Madness

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Well, hello there! It's Executive Coach Monique Betty, affectionately known as Coach Mo. Welcome to today's podcast of Tuesdays with Coach Mo.

This month of May is all about helping you get to your next career opportunity. In the last episode, I was joined by Mark Anthony Dyson who was dropping expert knowledge for the current or soon-to-be job seekers in the audience. 

According to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison, in his book Lose the Resume Land the Job he says the resume is only 10% of why a company hires you.

In general, when someone is updating their resume, it usually signals that you either have to or want to find a new job - - and that's just straight-up hard work writing about yourself. What I have witnessed in supporting clients who are making career transitions is that way too many people spend way too much...

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Job Search: It’s Not an Event, It’s a Lifestyle

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 Welcome listeners to today's Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast. I am executive Coach Monique Betty affectionately known as Coach Mo.

 Having supported a significant number of high achievers along their career journey, one thing I know is true is "a career journey should not be traveled alone.

“Thank you for helping me take my job search to the next level!”

This is a direct quote from a satisfied client. After completing my job search marketing plan, this client landed a leadership position in a giant tech firm located on the East Coast.

Whether you are currently in the midst of a job search or thinking about the process for a future move, then you are at the right place for gaining perspective from a resource you want to keep on your radar.

I am talking today with career writer and...

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Being Stuck or Achieving Breakthrough: The Choice Is Yours

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Hi! I am Executive Coach Monique Betty; affectionately known as Coach Mo and welcome to the Tuesdays with Coach Mo Podcast.

I imagine you show up here to grab tips, perspective, and information to help you on your professional pathway and for that, I say thank you! I may not have had an opportunity to meet you in person, I'm humbled that you have chosen to stop here and possibly pick up some coaching nuggets you can use.

Something I say loud and often is a career path is not meant to be traveled alone. When faced with a difficult situation at work, where emotions of fear or flight start to hijack your life, you're feeling anxious, or losing sleep or just being grumpy and the unending thoughts of is it them? Or is it me? Do I stay? Do I go? If not this job? Then what job? A Mentor, a Coach, or a Sponsor is invaluable.

So, in...

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Declutter: An Approach to Shift from Chaos to Clarity

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Whether or not you are experiencing it, the calendar says that spring is here. And what is synonymous with spring?  Cleaning, of course

Goodbye cold and clouds, hello warmth and sunshine.

Welcome to Tuesdays with Coach Mo, I am executive coach Monique Betty, affectionately known as Coach MO.

I did a little research on the origins of spring cleaning and I learned that some believe that the origin of spring cleaning is a practice identified with the Persian New Year of ‘shaking the house’ on the first day of spring.  

On today’s show, I'm joined by Lifestyle Design Coach Jessica Malone who has used decluttering to downsize from a luxury apartment to a 12-foot van and she also quit her 9-to-5, lost 40 lb. and is now helping achievers dig deep into their stuff so they can shed what no...

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Being of Leadership

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 In my many years serving as an Executive Coach, there is a tremendous joy I experience in witnessing my client achieve the success they desire all while overcoming the obstacles, roadblocks, and potential detours along the way.

Many of my clients arrive in coaching with some degree of expectation that there is a problem with them, that they aren't good enough or they in some way lack the skills, talents, and ability to succeed in their leadership role.  

In fact, I have found the opposite to be true! Most clients are well-equipped for what they do as a leader with managerial responsibilities, what I continue to observe is the untapped opportunity for connecting with who they are as a leader.  And, with a well-developed sense of who they are as a leader, I wonder what impact that will have on their...

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