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Pain to Progress: How High Achievers Recover from Making Mistakes at Work

Season #3 Episode #36

In today's episode of Tuesdays with Coach Mo, I'm talking about mistakes, and I call this episode Pain to Progress.

Just as you and your team engage in a debrief process following the launch of a product or big initiative in an effort to make improvements, how can you create a process for yourself to debrief mistakes you make.

Join me as I offer perspective and tips for how you can recover from mistakes made at work.

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Coach Mo Knows (A tip, a coaching question, a bit of inspiration)


  • Create a Causal factor chart which is a visual and effective way to reengineer how a complex problem developed and discover ways to avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

For B-school graduates, this experience is like engaging in a root cause analysis. 

  • Check out PrinciplesYou, a free assessment to help you understand yourself and others.  

Coaching Question: 

What mistake have you made that created a beneficial learning opportunity?



It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. ~ Warren Buffett


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