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Got Swagger: How To Be Bold In Your Pursuit of Career Success

Season #3 Episode #35

Welcome to Sunny South Florida!  

To get started with another season of information-rich podcast episodes, I have invited Rodney Jones, author of Corporate Swagger: The Secret to Winning the Corporate Game as our first guest for Season 3 of Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast.

In my time with Rodney, we discussed some of the unwritten rules for advancing your career up the corporate ladder. He shared what he now knows about what it takes to win at the game, his experiences and those of the professionals whom he interviewed for the book. This book will certainly set you on your way to know and understand some of what it takes to move up the ladder, particularly if you are a black male in corporate America. Few key topics you will hear us discuss;

1. How to elevate your authentic self
2. Tips to handle microaggressions
3. How to navigate 1:1 conversation when you sense that the other person is hesitant/resistant to engage with you.

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Facebook: @corporateswagger

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