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Love and Relationships: The Joy and Pain of Creating my Best Life EP: 15

Season #1 Episode #15

When you hear someone mention the work of an executive coach, what thoughts come to mind for you?

Something I have found to be true in my 10 + years of coaching high-achieving professionals is that in most cases, the focus of our time together often expands into matters related to their personal life.

Matters related to health, finances, spirituality and relationships. Relationships with a significant other, family members or friends.

In general, it works like this, the client wants to advance their career and fulfill their executive ambitions. They hire me to help them, for example, they may want to be more effective at leading their team and increase team engagement. And, over time, they may decide to pivot the focus of their coaching as they are struggling with thoughts and emotions tied to a personal relationship gone wrong making it really hard for them to focus on their workplace goals.

In today’s episode of Tuesday’s with Coach Mo, I’m speaking with a dynamic young professional, Lexx Mills, who, in addition to being in process of pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Business and Urban and Regional Planning, has recently started building an online community focused on all things related to healthy relationships, healthy breakups and everything in between.

Coach Mo Knows (a tip, a coaching question, and a bit of inspiration)


Connect with Lexx Mills.Instagram @ RevelWell or blog site:

Coaching question

Hold in your mind a picture of one person that you have a relationship with that you really want the path of that relationship to change, what is one thing you wish that the other person would do differently? what difference will that possibly make for you? and what then will you do differently.


When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant


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