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Generating Positivity From Within EP: 12

Season #1 Episode #12

I believe that high achieving professionals can achieve their executive ambitions when they create a plan for generating their inner-well of positivity.

When you are working to advance your career within large organizations, challenging situations are commonplace.

A toxic colleague who seems to undermine your good work every chance they get.

A boss who plays favorites and seems to only issue praise to others on your team.

Or you may feel a general lack of respect for all that you do within your organization.

When situations like these arise, you want to know how to be the best version of you and generate the inner-well of positivity within you.

In today’s podcast, I am speaking with Laura Masters, Life Coach with AbunDance Enterprises who shares with me her professional wisdom on the science of positivity.

The field of positive psychology is 20 years old, and new evidence-based research continues to emerge.

Research results are revealing profound work in the areas of happiness, well-being and strengths that are essential tools for your leadership toolbox.

Enjoy the podcast!

00:03 Monique: What is your definition of positivity?

00:12 Laura: It’s a practice and a way of being, it leans on the edge of optimism and your attitude and reflects how a person that looks for a solution. It’s like a muscle you cultivate and a viewpoint in a way of being in the world.

00:44 Monique: Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a leading scholar in the field of positive psychology, as advanced the theory of Broaden and Build. Please share insights of this theory.

01:12 Laura: The Broaden and Build theory talks about the power of positive emotions and positive emotions are what make up positivity. They are the feelings that make you feel really good, joy, happiness, tranquility, enthusiasm, appreciation, and gratitude. When those feelings happen, it sets you up to see the world differently. You’re more able to tend to others, you’re open to ideas, you want to explore, you connect better, and you have more safety. It opens up your mind and so it broadens your ability to take in life on a daily basis, the experience of being healthier, happier, some more personal fulfillment, and you have more success in your life.

03:29 Coach Mo: Is positivity something people are born with? Or do we have the capacity to create that within ourselves?

03: 52 Laura: So what happens is we do have this ability to build that which is built into our Neuroplasticity - the ability that we can create systems in our mind. We’re born with what’s called the “Negativity Bias” which means our systems in our bodies from, you know, our days on the savannah, are set up and wired for survival. Barbara Fredrickson also talks about 3:1 positivity ratio. And to overcome one negative experience in your day, she says we must have at least 3 to 4 positive, heartfelt emotions.

05:56 Coach Mo: What example do you have, Laura to speak to that really illuminates how powerful the positivity ratio is?

06:34 Laura: So what happen was, I had a day when a lot of things happened and one of them that happened on that day was my mom passed away. I had a catastrophe in my house. It was like, everything was broken down. I mean, I was in a terrible place to stress so one of the things that I did was deep breathing. I just can’t see it ever ending so I got on my heart map machine and it took me thirteen or fourteen minutes but I got myself back to where I was showing coherence on the Biofeedback machine and I could feel the shift in my body. And then after that, I thought, “Okay, so that’s one" then I went out to my garden and I looked at my flowers and I did a little bit of gardening - so that was just enjoying the moment. I came back into my office and I wrote a few thank you notes for just some friends whom I’ve done some nice things lately; going over those positive things. Then I went for a run and I built myself up physically. At the end of the day, I was back in a good place and able to handle things.

08:23 Coach Mo: What is the distinction between the use of that terminology, or the ideas of happiness compared to positivity.

08:46 Laura: Happiness is a feeling and Positivity is more like a mindset.

09:52 Coach Mo: What are some options for someone to do right now within the hour to generate positivity in their life? What resources are available?

10:23 Laura:
• Deep breathing
• Doing one kind thing
• Email
• Listen to a song
• Order a book

And things that is meaningful and brings joy to your life and really being aware of what those are and cultivating them. Sometimes, we have to schedule that in, like you know, “From 12:00 to 12:30, I am going to do nothing but things that I absolutely love.”

11:18 Coach Mo: What is just your final thought that relates to the individuals building their muscle of positivity?

12:11 Laura: And to care about yourself and have enough compassion for yourself to do that in tiny little habit that shifts the trajectory of your ability to handle challenges. And then to share it with others and to just, you know, know that this is in your capability and that you can, by doing all of that just create a better and better life for yourself and everyone around you.

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s book Positivity revealed that past researchers discovered that most fast-paced changes in emotions don't last. This is what is referred to as the hedonic treadmill effect. So how do you create positive emotions in your life that are sustained? Research suggests that it is a slow and steady process.

As Laura Masters mentioned in our conversation, there are things that you can begin doing right now. Whatever you choose, be deliberate in building your capacity or inner resource for positivity.


Coach Mo Knows (a tip, a coaching question, and a bit of inspiration)

1) Connect with Laura Masters :)

Coaching Question:

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the kind of day you had yesterday (10 = great, 1 = not so great)
And then answer these three short questions as you consider your rating:
• What were you doing?
• What were you feeling?
• Were you interacting with others, or were you alone?

The general premise of this sample exercise is to get you thinking about the micro-pieces of your day. Continue to self-rate each day for a period of time (one or two weeks) Then start to determine for yourself, what is the opportunity for you in generating the positivity you want as you build your ability to generate positivity,


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