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Tuesday's with Coach Mo

Tuesday's with Coach Mo

Hosted by: Monique Betty

Work can be frustrating. Getting to that next promotion seems to be a mystery? Figure out what your boss really wants? Motivate your disengaged team? Knowing what you want from your career is just the beginning...


Diversity: The Community and You EP: 9

Season #1 Episode #9

Today’s podcast focuses on the community and you. As a high-achieving professional, your engagement in the local community where you live and work is of significant value. Listen to my podcast interview with Dwayne...
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Diversity: The Corporation and You EP: 8

Season #1 Episode #8

Diversity: Corporation and You The corporate perspective on race is changing. Have you, or someone you know, experienced the reality that the corporation where you worked somehow operated under a vail of inequity and...
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Uncertainty: Charting Your Path to a New Normal EP: 7

Season #1 Episode #7

The parallel existence of two pandemics, one health and one racism, have shifted us into a state of disruption to what was once certain in our everyday life. While in this disruptive state, many of us are searching...
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Be a Professional Working With Purpose EP: 6

Season #1 Episode #6

Dealing with a world-wide pandemic affects everything. One of the few things we can control is who we are. We get to decide how we react and respond. Many people are not sure if going back (whatever that means to you)...
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Emotional Wellness for High Achievers EP: 5

Season #1 Episode #5

High achievers come with big ambitions and an intensity that helps them succeed. It’s one of the reasons they excel and are often seen as the super star leader or go-to member of the team. That drive can also lead to...
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The One Skill Every First-Time Manager Needs to Know EP: 4

Season #1 Episode #4

The real just got real. Time to celebrate! The position you’ve planned for and worked towards is yours. Knowing that others recognized your potential is rewarding and you’re ready to prove their confidence in you was...
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Fierce or Flake: What's Your Personal Brand? EP: 3

Season #1 Episode #3

Today’s episode is a replay with a purpose. Jennifer Ransaw Smith and I talk about what it means to have a personal brand. Even better, you’ll learn why it’s important and how to build your own. 2:32 Why is a personal...
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How to Manage Negative Self-Talk at Work EP: 2

Season #1 Episode #2

We all have an inner voice. It can either be positive and supportive or negative and defeating. In this episode Coach Mo shares how to manage this inner dialogue successfully. Are you aware of how many thoughts run...
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Networking to Build Your Career Insurance Plan EP: 1

Season #1 Episode #1

What is a career insurance plan? In this episode, Coach Mo breaks down what it is, why you need it and how to create one that works for you. Building a network is a major component for a successful career. 2:40 Key...
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