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Tuesday's with Coach Mo

Tuesday's with Coach Mo

Hosted by: Monique Betty

Work can be frustrating. Getting to that next promotion seems to be a mystery? Figure out what your boss really wants? Motivate your disengaged team? Knowing what you want from your career is just the beginning...


Making A Psychic Connection To Help You Live a Life By Your Design EP: 21

Season #1 Episode #21

As we now enter the final days of 2020 and what for so many has been a most difficult year, I’ve reached into my archives interviews I’ve done over the years and selected my interview with Psychic Medium Tony Morris...
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How to Negotiate Like Your Career Depends On It EP: 20

Season #1 Episode #20

Today on our show, I am joined by Kwame Christian, negotiation and conflict resolution trainer and Director of American Negotiation Institute. He shared his insights on how to develop your negotiator capabilities, the...
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Get Out Of The Muck And Into Your Strengths EP: 19

Season #1 Episode #19

Hi, my name is Monique Betty, affectionately known as ‘coach Mo” and welcome to ‘Tuesdays with Coach Mo.’ Today on our show, I am talking about using your strengths in your pursuit of fulfilling your executive...
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Money Moves for Young Professionals with Executive Ambitions EP: 18

Season #1 Episode #18

In the first episode of Tuesdays with Coach Mo, I shared my Career Insurance Plan philosophy which is built on 3 dimensions (like a 3-legged stool) for long term satisfaction in your professional life: a strong...
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How To Be Your Best Self During Difficult Conversation EP: 17

Season #1 Episode #17

You have one mouth and two ears, use them proportionately. I love this saying by Judge Judy. It is a quick reminder to ourselves that, yes, we are equipped to ‘listen’. What I have discovered as an executive coach to...
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How to Lead Others Through Change EP: 16

Season #1 Episode #16

If I asked you to complete the following sentence with just one word what word would you choose? Change is_____ Your answer may run the full gamut from change is good or change is bad. You may describe change as...
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Love and Relationships: The Joy and Pain of Creating my Best Life EP: 15

Season #1 Episode #15

When you hear someone mention the work of an executive coach, what thoughts come to mind for you? Something I have found to be true in my 10 + years of coaching high-achieving professionals is that in most cases, the...
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Pursuit of Success By A Single Working Mom EP: 14

Season #1 Episode #14

Advancing your career as a woman of color in tech- - hard. Finding yourself now divorced and raising two young children - - harder. Today’s guest is Shelmina Abji, a high-achieving professional who shares her journey...
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Clarity of the Disparity: Pathway for Closing the Gender Gap EP: 13

Season #1 Episode #13

The year is 2277 and women have finally achieved pay equality. Startling fact? Absolutely. In fact, I would say that it is a stunning fact recognizing that in the last year, we have actually increased what was...
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Generating Positivity From Within EP: 12

Season #1 Episode #12

I believe that high achieving professionals can achieve their executive ambitions when they create a plan for generating their inner-well of positivity. When you are working to advance your career within large...
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Career Confidential: A Secret Weapon in Creating the Career You are Meant to Have EP: 11

Season #1 Episode #11

Consider this, if you are progressing on the typical timeline, by the time your 22 years old, you have officially launched your full-time career. As you look ahead, you can expect to spend the next 40 years on your...
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The Confidence Balance EP: 10

Season #1 Episode #10

Displaying confidence seems to be an unwritten rule for getting ahead within large organizations. Those we see as displaying an outgoing personality have their head held high, and they know how to say all the right...
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