From Middle Manager to Executive

As marketing manager, Trisha* enjoyed working for a national philanthropic organization, yet with  pending leadership changes resulting from an outgoing CEO, this client was exploring options within and outside of the organization. The ultimate goal: advancement.


*Due to strict client confidentiality, client's real name is not used

Trisha's Journey

Why Coaching?

Strategic Focus



Why Coaching?

Trisha determined she was ready for advancement opportunity. Her preference was to advance within her current organization. And, she wanted to develop a passive search in case the opportunity to advance eluded her.


Strategic Focus

  • Trisha engaged in personal discovery work to gain clarity of her strengths, values, motivations and purpose-driven interests. 
  • Completed 360 leadership assessment to achieve clarity on areas for development
  • We co-created a plan to build on her strengths while improving leadership 'gap' areas



  • Promotion to executive ranks within organization
  • Has earned opportunity to have a direct impact and influence for organization's future direction

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